2780_1101107058201_958465_nWhat about me, what can I say that describes who I am. I could talk about the basic stuff, I am a Husband, Father, Grandfather and a Retired Old Soldier. Really what I am is a person with real problems and issues just like the next person. I have my ups and downs, with many faults. I live, I love, I cry, I screw up (a lot) and I am far from perfect in any ways. However, I am made perfect in the eyes of my Lord and Savior. He has forgiven me and loved me unconditionally. So, to that idea of who I am, you can add Christian. Not perfect, or better than anyone else, just me. I am no writer; I am just a person who puts his thoughts down as they flow out of this brain of mine. Writing use to scare me, I fought against the idea of writing anything unless I had to.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy it. I appreciate your time that you have taken to read and comment on my attempt at writing.