Beginning Again

I am learning that to begin again you must go back to the start. In games this is easy, but in relationships this is hard. What if they find out they don’t really like me, what if I screw it up… So many pitfalls go through your mind. I believe that if you mean what you say and do, it will bring a new aspect to your relationship.  It will make a stronger, healthier relationship. So Lord I pray for renewal in my relationship and a deeper understanding of what Love is. I ask that you guide us as we begin again and help us reach that goal of a stronger, deeper, spirit filled Love. Amen….

The Taxonomy of Married Men, Vol. 2

I want to be a Good Man and a Good Husband. Such good advice I see my own life in this. I am trying!

Must Be This Tall To Ride

loss of self-awareness (Image/ First we took Husbands, and split them into two groups — Good Men and Bad Men.

And this isn’t about “nice guys” versus “bad boys.” Non-conformist “bad boys” engaging in mischief with sometimes aggressive, daring and tough exteriors can still be very good men. We’re talking about character. Not personality type.

Women are often attracted to men who do bad things. But good, healthy people are not attracted to BAD people. (Think Adolf Hitler, not James Dean.) I’m comfortable saying that people should NOT marry, remain married to, or have children with fundamentally bad people.

(Read The Taxonomy of Married Men, Vol. 1 here)

So now we have Husbands who are Good Men, and we’re splitting them into two groups — Good Husbands and Bad Husbands.

Lots of good men are lousy husbands. Being a husband is a skill. Just like playing instruments, flying helicopters and…

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Today has been a tough day I will not lie

I look at myself and wonder why

Holding back my emotions and feelings for so long

Disaster strikes and the dam pieces fly

A flood of emotions come pouring out

Unsure on how to control them without getting hurt

Today was a tough day I will not lie

However I look to God and see what he did for us

Forgiven even my broken soul

Unsure on how this could be

But unconditional He loves me

I trust in you to bring me through

A path ahead not easy or wide

Forgiveness I give as he has given unto me

Moving ahead is what I seek

A future ahead a past behind

Today was a tough day I will not lie

But God still loves me and I trust in Him.



My Walk Begins



This is my first post, I have never done anything like this before, but there is someone who is very special in my life who is a full-time blogger and I got the inspiration from her. I don’t even pretend that I am a good or even competent writer, so bear with me. I want to use this blog to express some things that I need to get off my chest and discover a way to improve myself by connecting with others. So let this adventure begin and wish me luck.