What I Have in You


A smile upon your face

A twinkle from your eyes

The warmth from your embrace

The Softness of your caress

Passion dripping from your lips

Happiness is what I have from you

My love and heart are forever true

A journey through life we share

No one else will ever do

With you is all I want

Together forever

In this life and the next we will always be




Anticipation of You


Anticipation of you

Time passes slowly as I think of what we will do

Being apart is a drain on my soul

You are what in the end makes me whole

When I walk through that door

It is you I look for

The look in your eyes

Makes me begin to fantasize

What our night may bring

You are my everything

A night of passion

A night of conversation

A night next to you

Is all I want to do

So I sit here still

Waiting with Anticipation

Picture Credit: Favim.com




Creeping crawling under your skin

Not sure of where you should begin

Twisting turning trying to reach

Scratching clawing unable to find

Driving you crazy outta of your mind

Rubbing against a door frame for relief

Finding none but disbelief

Grabbing a stick if you dare

Rubbing it around without a care

Still no reprieve from that gnawing itch

It drives you crazy, son of a bitch

Asking a friend to dig in with their claws

Keep on missing the spot just because

Sweat forms on your brow

As you seek a respite

Trying to take a bite

Falling to the floor you try once more

Sliding yourself until your head hits the door

That itch, that itch

Ain’t it a bitch.



What do you do when the one you love is sad and blue

How do you make the hurt stop

Telling them it will be ok

Won’t take the pain away

A hug, a kiss or a look

Will this help today

Just being there for them

It is what I try to do

Inside I feel a failure

However I shall never give up

Never go away

I will love you each day

Until those blues are a memory left in the past

My love for you is what will last


Darkness Into Light



Lost in the night


Hidden from your sight


A thief comes to snatch away your soul


Sadness he leaves


Uncertainty it breeds


Dreams created that leave you morose


When you awake


You’re left with heartache


Looking for the light


Needing help with this fight


Upon the Lord your hope rests


Grace and mercy He provides when you confess


Upon Him you can rely


To take that tear away from your eye


Taking the darkness out of the night


Make your way into His light




My mind wanders as I think of you

To feel your hand in mine

Next to you is where I feel safe

Close to you brings a smile to my face

I long to feel  the caress of your hands

Touching my lips to yours I desire

Kissing your neck takes us higher

An electric current running between

Magnetism pulls us closer still

Unable to deny, unable to fight

I long for the day when we two become one again

Originally posted when I first started my blog.

I have come to that day where two have become one again…….