In Your Eyes

In your eyes

Reflecting back at me 

I see myself mirrored back

My future with you teasing 

Seeing what could be

My past with You tormenting 

Seeing what could have been 

What I comprehend is a glance

A sight of a love that we pray will grow

In your eyes I see a hope for our future 

A sadness of our past

The love we share in the now. 



Thoughts lost in nothingness

My mind is blank

Words absent from my fingers

Meandering images float through my head

Closing my eyes

Nothing comes in view

Just blurry views of moving forms

Unable to concentrate to bring them into focus

Straining my mind to get a glimpse

Oblivion is all I can ponder

So I end this time

Of rambling thoughts that take me back to……



Why I Serve


Why did I want to serve my country?

What were the thoughts in my head?

I was young and had no real clue of the real world

My father had served, my brother and sister too

This isn’t why, it wasn’t to follow my family

It was much deeper than that

Something inside of me said I had more to give

I serve because I believe in this country

I believe in the ideals of freedom, liberty and that all men are created equal

Being a soldier means being willing to give of yourself for the rights of others

I swore an oath to protect my country against all enemies both foreign and domestic

As a Sergeant in the Army I know that no one is more professional then I

In the Army we are expected to live by seven main values

Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honesty, Integrity, Personal Courage

I serve because I want my children to be safe and to grow up being free

I know all this may sound a bit cheesy

Think to yourself what in your life do you feel so strongly about

That you would be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for others.

I am an American Soldier




Looking back upon my past

So much of it, I see much regret

How I acted and treated the ones I loved

Especially the one who I should have appreciated the most

Denying you the love you deserved

Not showing you how much I truly cared

I left so many words unspoken

I left so many feelings trapped inside

You needed just a few words of reassurance

Words describing how beautiful you are

When I think of the time I have wasted

A fool I was and it almost cost me it all

Today I will not let my heart hide how much I care

Tomorrow I will prove the depths of my love for you

Forever I will stand by your side as your friend, supporter, encourager and lover

I will live from today on forward with no regrets

For I will show you each day the enchantment you have upon my heart

Today, tomorrow and forever my love for you is true




What am I thankful for over this past year

I am thankful for the few close people I call my friend

I am thankful for my Mom who is always there when I need her

I am thankful for my Dad, stubborn as a mule, but a good father none the less

I am thankful for my brother who was always my protector as a little kid

I thankful for my big sister, it has been two years since you passed away, I miss you still

I am thankful for my In-laws who have accepted me as their son and brother

I am thankful for my children, four girls who are all amazing in their own way

I am thankful for my amazing wife, who has put up with me all these years and still loves me

I am most thankful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who calls me son

Who has forgiven me when I really don’t deserve it.

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving, wherever you are we can all give thanks for something.


Letting Go


To the love of my life

I must say it is time for me to let go

Time for me to let go of all my issues

Time to let go of all the feelings and emotions I have kept hidden in my soul

Time to let go of holding back on my ability to love and be whole

Time to let go of hiding behind my mask

Time to let go of the wall I created around myself

Time to let my heart go and merge with you

Time for me to let go and be the one you need me to be

It is time to go forward and become the man, husband, friend and lover you always deserved.

Dust Storm


Wind blowing harder

Kicking up the sand

Trudging forward into the unknown

Sand blasting into my face

Unable to see my place

Walking, walking, walking

Forward I must go

Unyielding it beats against my skin

Tearing and blasting, ripping away

Pain is digging deeper

Can I go on

Blinding me, pushing back at me

My body feeling the strain

Going backwards is not an option

Left or right brings no relief

Forward I trudge into the abyss

Should I just give up

Sit down in the sand

Let it cover me over

To be found no more


Where Do I Go


Sometimes life throws you a curve

Something you should have seen coming

but you are too ignorant to see

Or unable to want to believe

What do I do

Where do I go

I want to fight on

Thinking things can change

Then sometimes doubt

creeps into my mind and make me want out

out of it all, love, life, everything

What do I follow my head or my heart

Do they even know what to do

Please Oh Lord hear my prayer

what am I suppose to do

Love is what I want and to give

Life with my one love is a journey I want to live

Please Oh Lord hear our prayers




Thank You


I just want to thank all of you who have come and visited my site. I really didn’t expect anyone to read my stuff. I wasn’t sure where or what I was going to write about. If you have read my stuff I guess you can say my main muse was my lovely, beautiful, awesome wife. As you can tell I think the world of her and she was the one who told me that I could do this. I didn’t think I could and I for the longest time refused to write anything. I have also been able to let a lot of what I have felt and dealt with in my life. It has been a journey for me and hopefully you also. It is still hard to believe that I have over 50 followers to this site of mine. I have enjoyed reading so many of your blogs to, it has been an inspiration in my life. The beauty I see in so many of all of your writings and pictures has really been a blessing. The aspects of your lives that so many of you share has been uplifting to me and shown me there are so many other’s like myself going through daily issues. I can’t say thank you so much to all of you enough. I look forward to continuing on with my attempts at writing and finding that inner part of me that I didn’t know existed for such a long time. What do I have to be thankful for is the aspect of being able to share with all of you and for you to share back with me. I am thankful for the wonderful wife I have who I love so dearly and my wonderful children. I love this country of mine that I have given 20 years of my life serving and protecting. I still have a few years left in me, but I look forward to my next adventure in life. I am thankful that I am a child of Christ and that I have a Lord and Savior who has forgiven me even though I so often think I don’t deserve it. Happy Thanksgiving a little early to all of you, wherever you are or whatever country you live in. It is a holiday for giving thanks and here also for some football and good food, time with family and friends.


Thank you all…



Waiting for you

The anticipation as the flames begin to rise

Pulling you into my arms

Seeing the fire in your eyes

Bringing your lips to mine

Feeling the heat in our exchange

Sweet and spicy I taste

Craving you more I pull you closer in haste

My need for you intensifies

Wanting you all is my desire

Taking all of you, my lust rises higher

My need for you unassailable

The fieriness between us is indescribable