Looking back upon my past

So much of it, I see much regret

How I acted and treated the ones I loved

Especially the one who I should have appreciated the most

Denying you the love you deserved

Not showing you how much I truly cared

I left so many words unspoken

I left so many feelings trapped inside

You needed just a few words of reassurance

Words describing how beautiful you are

When I think of the time I have wasted

A fool I was and it almost cost me it all

Today I will not let my heart hide how much I care

Tomorrow I will prove the depths of my love for you

Forever I will stand by your side as your friend, supporter, encourager and lover

I will live from today on forward with no regrets

For I will show you each day the enchantment you have upon my heart

Today, tomorrow and forever my love for you is true


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