Even when we think we are at our loneliest God’s love shines through.

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angel-2591973_960_720Each and every day

Another angel is sent my way

And I’m deeply touched

By all they do and say

Just as I begin to think

I’m very much alone

God reminds me of how

He’s still sitting on his throne

For it’s only through him

That these blessings do occur

And with every passing day

I know in him I can be sure

For by faith I can always see

His light shining all around

And his daily mercies of love

Forever endure and surround

© 2017 Michelle Cook

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You Are

You are my past

Without you I wouldn’t last

You are my yesterday

Caught within your arms is a place I would love to stay

You are my today

My love for you will never go away

You are my tomorrow

Time apart brings upon sorrow

You are my future

Our dreams of then will be beyond super

You are my forever

Two hearts made into one is our endeavor

#TuesdayTunes – Toby Keith “American Soldier”

Today I begin my new journey and path in my life. I am going back into the Active Army to finish out my career. I don’t know all were this will take me, but I am ready to give it a go. Being older than most of the people I will be serving with should be interesting. I have enjoyed my last 10 years in the National Guard and have made many friends, but now I have a greater task and purpose in my life. Please pray for my family as we will be apart for some time. I am an American Soldier….



Today marks an end

Having to say goodbye to so many friends

A change in life

Can bring so much strife

Uncertainties abound

Clarity often not found

Praying each day

That God will lead my way

An end to a chapter

One that was full of tears and laughter

A new journey I start

Following the call within my heart

A new road ahead

On wings of an eagle I am led

Picture Credit: Pixabay.com