As I walk all around me is nothing

My path covered in a dense fog

Unable to see what is ahead of me

Behind me lost in a cloud that covers me all around

Unable to see the pitfalls and dangers ahead

To scared to turn back at what I’ve passed by

Do I continue on through this unseeing fog

Or should I just lay down and die lost in this maze

If I continue on is there sunshine ahead or a continuous unknown

My head tells me there is no hope of a clear path ahead

My heart says to continue on and have faith that the fog will break and sunshine will light my way

Weary am I but onward I will continue into that unknown

Hoping that somewhere there is open skies ahead

First Impressions


Not long ago you asked me what I thought about you when we first met

It was a question that made me think

I would say a word to describe my first impressions of you

First time I saw you I was stunned by your beauty

but I knew that it was something impossible to be

I denied what I thought and held it all back

The day I took you out for your first meal

A dinner of hot dogs at the chow hall, so unappealing

Neither of us said much of a word

I could tell you wanted to be anywhere else

you had another in your life

Me I was nothing to you

Working together is what we had to do

I knew that there wasn’t a chance

So I tried to ignore and deny even a glance

I could not get out of my head images of you

When you asked me to go on that fateful trip

Reluctant to go was my instinct

At a party where I knew not a soul

I acted myself and let go

You saw me finally in a different light

You asked our friend to ask if I thought you were alright

I must say I was stunned to hear that inquiry

Unprepared to answer with much more than yea she’s nice

The rest is history from that day forward

Twenty four years you have blessed my life

as my girlfriend, fiance and finally my wife

So my first impression of you was of a stunning beautiful girl

that i thought of was out of this world.




urban-1002149_960_720Who am I suppose to be

How am I suppose to act

What will they think of me

How much of the real me should I show them

Is the real me something they want to see

Will they react in horror or repulsion

Who am I really

Hiding myself in plain sight from those I care for the most

I keep the real me hidden inside

I let them see what I think they want to see

The world tells me I need to be like this and act like that

It’s not who I am, so I put up my mask

For so long I hide my real self from all

I lose track of who and what I am supposed to be

Holding those closest at arm length away

I lose who I am, I have gone astray

My facade of the fake me begins to crumble

Leaving me lost in my mind I stumble

Pushing, pushing, pushing away

Crashing, crashing, crashing one day

Till a voice says to me, son you have hidden away far to long

Become the man I have made you to be

Hide away no longer, let the you I created find the light of day

Show those you care about the real you

Throw away that mask and be free my son

I gave my blood to wash you clean from your past

Turn back to me and be mine again

Hidden no more, I have found the real me.

Veterans Day

Veterans Day

Why do we celebrate Veterans Day on the 11th of November you may ask. Well it hasn’t always been known as Veterans Day it use to be called Armistice Day as  a way to celebrate the War to end all Wars or  The Great War. On the 11th month, on the 11th Day at the 11th hour the guns fell silent along the Western Front ending what would become known as World War I. After World War II we decided we should honor all those who serve so it was changed to Veteran’s Day.  So what is a Veteran.


This is a good description.

Did you know that since the beginning of this Country through all the wars we have fought both here and abroad, less than 1% of population have served in the military.

Did you know currently less than 20% of the military age population in this country is even eligible to serve and of that about .5 or 1/2 of 1% are even serving now.

Whether it be in War time or Peace time a person who has served has given part of there life to ensure the freedom’s this country holds dear.

Remember today we honor those who have served.

Thank a Veteran Today.

I have had the honor of serving with so many great men and women in my life in the military which has stretched from the last years of President Reagan to now. Yea I’m an old fart when it comes to being in the military, but I can still give them youngsters a run for their money. My wife is even a veteran. She is my rock, without her I would never been able to serve and do what I do.  Thank you my love of my life for being who you are and being my better half.




How Could I Be Loved


Unable to accept love was my crime

Feeling that I wasn’t worthy of such a gift

Unsure how to act

When you showed it to me time and time again

A horrible sinner was I

Lost in the aspects of this world

Unable to accept the possibility

Why would you love me

How could you care

What was I to you but unwelcoming

You put people in my life to try to show me how

Pushing them away was my response

But you never gave up

You knew I would

When I was at my lowest

Lost to my despair

You reached out your hand

Took a hold of my heart

Told me that through it all you are my son and I love you still

I could not run any longer nor hide my heart

I am your child and reborn into your grace

Thank you Oh Lord for never turning away.



Being apart has been difficult from the start

This time was only for a brief moment

Though the minutes seemed like hours

The hours seemed like days

The days were a lifetime of missing you

Talking on the phone

Chatting on-line

A good salve to ease the time apart

My anticipation for your return

has grown deep inside my heart

To hold you once again

To see you in the flesh

To taste your lips that electrify me

I long for your return

Into my arms intertwined in your presence is what I yearn



For my wife who is gone for a short time, I wait for your return, I miss you…



Opening an old box

reaching in finding a treasure of the past

something that took a moment in time and froze it in place

a memory of a time

a memory of a place

a memory of a person

a memory of an event

pictures freeze history in place

watching your kids grow from babies to adults

looking back on the beauty that your wife has always had

seeing family that has long ago gone and those who left before their time

friends that you had forgotten

friends that you wish you could

memories can come flooding back and that frozen period in time

can bring back a full movie that was captured in that picture

People, places, events, time, friends, loves, family, so much more

Pictures freeze our past for the future to see

So many feelings come flooding in with each different one

Remember a picture is worth a thousand words……


108 Years…109?



How much time has passed

Two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, The Cold War, Iraq, Afghanistan

Presidents from Roosevelt, the first one to Obama, to well we will leave that one alone

Stock Market crashes, men to the moon, computers and cell phones

Tragedies from the Titanic, the Hindenburg to 9-11

We have seen so much as a society over these past 108 years

The only thing unseen was a Cubs World Series Win

The outs come closer, the time is growing near

Will 108 be done or will it go to 109

Remembering my Uncle Earl sitting on his couch watching the Cubbies on WGN

Those lovable losers, names like Ernie Banks, Dave Kingman, Ryne Sandberg and so many more

Sometimes very close, but not just enough

For my friend Jim who bleeds Cubby blue

The time I think is now

End the curse of the goat and say an apology to Bartman

It is the year of the Cubs

Fly the “W” proudly

Unless they really screw it up over these last couple innings then, I guess just wait until next year.

Looks like they are going to give it up again

Heartbreak in the streets of Chicago, we will see

Do we stop at 108 or go on to 109

Cubs Win Cubs Win!!!!!

Harry Carey it’s time for a cold Budweiser

Holy Cow


Scared Little Boy


Little boy why are you the way you are

What brought you to this point

Why so scared of monsters that don’t exist

Hiding in your room, keeping as quiet as possible

Leaving your house, so no one hears you go

Going from friends house to friends house seeking refuge

Why do you run and hide

What made you such a scared little boy

Who are those monsters that you run from

Grow up and be a man

Real men aren’t scared of monsters

Toughen up and don’t show your fear or emotions

Hide them deep inside, keep them locked away

Grow up little boy it is time you became a man

Hide it all away, it is the only way

Push it down, deep, deep down

You are no longer a little boy, but a grown man.