First Impressions


Not long ago you asked me what I thought about you when we first met

It was a question that made me think

I would say a word to describe my first impressions of you

First time I saw you I was stunned by your beauty

but I knew that it was something impossible to be

I denied what I thought and held it all back

The day I took you out for your first meal

A dinner of hot dogs at the chow hall, so unappealing

Neither of us said much of a word

I could tell you wanted to be anywhere else

you had another in your life

Me I was nothing to you

Working together is what we had to do

I knew that there wasn’t a chance

So I tried to ignore and deny even a glance

I could not get out of my head images of you

When you asked me to go on that fateful trip

Reluctant to go was my instinct

At a party where I knew not a soul

I acted myself and let go

You saw me finally in a different light

You asked our friend to ask if I thought you were alright

I must say I was stunned to hear that inquiry

Unprepared to answer with much more than yea she’s nice

The rest is history from that day forward

Twenty four years you have blessed my life

as my girlfriend, fiance and finally my wife

So my first impression of you was of a stunning beautiful girl

that i thought of was out of this world.



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