Creeping crawling under your skin

Not sure of where you should begin

Twisting turning trying to reach

Scratching clawing unable to find

Driving you crazy outta of your mind

Rubbing against a door frame for relief

Finding none but disbelief

Grabbing a stick if you dare

Rubbing it around without a care

Still no reprieve from that gnawing itch

It drives you crazy, son of a bitch

Asking a friend to dig in with their claws

Keep on missing the spot just because

Sweat forms on your brow

As you seek a respite

Trying to take a bite

Falling to the floor you try once more

Sliding yourself until your head hits the door

That itch, that itch

Ainโ€™t it a bitch.

8 thoughts on “Itch

      1. Ahhhh, the Mystery Itch. Even more annoying and spooky…

        Suggestion: soak in a hot bath of nothing but water and Epsom salts. No soap, no nuthin. You can scrub, just don’t add any chemicals to your rag. Just soak and then dress in clothes that haven’t been washed recently, ones washed long ago. See if that gives you relief while “they” hunt down the cause.

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