Looking Back

Looking back on a childhood so long ago

I think back to my neighborhood where I did roam

A group of friends we were all the same age

We were a group of eight young boys

Times were much simpler back then

There were no cellphones or digital cameras that tracked our lives

No exciting video games and only 4 or 5 channels on the boob tube

Our neighborhood was our play land

 Playing games like football in the mud and flashlight tag at night

Buying fireworks through the mail and the good kinds to boot

So many things we did, we were limited by our imagination alone

Running through the yards late into the night

Playing games like fake fight

Swimming in an old Recycle Pond

Going sledding in the dark well past one

It seemed those days would never end

But time has a way to change even those so close

High School came and we moved apart

Moving different places

Becoming parts of different groups

I miss those days, I miss those friends

But those memories are something I hold close

Oh those years ago when life was simple and friends were everything

I still talk to a few of my old mates

Some I haven’t seen since we officially became men

Now we all have families and such

But a bond built over those many summers and winters long ago

A life so simple but so yet so full of fun

Picture Credit: My Middle School Yearbook

30 Years


Where has the time gone?

The days of innocence past

Worries that once we thought would never pass

From our first day of kindergarten

To the day we went our separate ways

Days of classes, lectures and tests

Weekends of work, fun and play

Cruising in cars to the tunes of our time

The only care we had were what do we do next

Some off to college, some off to work

Some started families and others drifted apart

Thirty years have gone by since we left that life

Those days we spent in a High School daze

Now we have new lives

Families, careers and so much more

Friends who are no longer with us we remember with a smile

Hairlines recede and waistlines expand

Thinking back on days we wanted to pass by

Now we would give anything to find that innocence again

Friendships, relationships, parties and more

Friday night Football, weekends with friends

Tonight we will tell stories of times gone past

Catch up on each other’s lives

Saying how we should stay in touch

But in reality remembering how so much of these times really sucked.


American Pastime

Here is to an American Pastime, something I use to look forward to as a kid with my friends in my old neighborhood. Sitting around listening to Brewer Games on the Radio.  Here are a few of the ball fields, I would love to go to. Baseball means Summer is here (almost).

PNC Park – Pittsburg, PA


Great American Ballpark – Cincinnati, Ohio


Fenway Park – Boston, MA


Comerica Park – Detroit, MI


Busch Stadium – St. Louis, MO


The Big Dance


Well it is that time of year again, the only time I even pay attention to College Basketball. I actually enjoy watching these games. My favorite team I know doesn’t really stand a chance of making it past the first round, so I’m not really invested into following one team. I enjoy the first weekend the most because that is when the little guys often take down the big guys. Every year I put together a bracket for the tournament and usually by the end of the first day it is a total disaster. So I’m at it again this year. Who am I picking it to win it all this year? I must first say sorry to the people who follow this team. I would love to pick my Wisconsin Badgers, but I’m guessing that they will be one and done. So who am I picking, the Kentucky Wildcats. Which probably means they will get upset sometime over this first weekend.

Well if you follow sports or not, this weekend always has a good story about some school that comes out of nowhere. Some of the stories I find interesting; Northwestern – first NCAA Tournament in school history, they have been around for a long time and this will be their first time in the big dance. Northern Kentucky – First year as a Division 1 school and they make it into the big dance. So many different schools, Winthrop University, South Dakota State, North Dakota, University North Carolina Wilmington,  St Mary’s, Florida Gulf Coast and so many other schools that no one really hears about except at this time of the year. So who is going to wear Cinderella’s shoe this year? So for you who have made out your brackets good luck? Let me know who you are picking this year.

Go Badgers, Go Wildcats.