All Alone

Sitting in my room all alone
As my world crashes around me
All those I love have turned away
No one to trust no one who cares
So I sit all alone pondering my future
It grows dimmer and dimmer by the hour
Soon in will fade to black
And with that there is no coming back.

This maybe my last post for a while or maybe forever. I don’t know. Thank you all for reading my stuff. Goodbye…


I sit here alone
Thoughts of my life running around in my head
Looking back on my mistakes I bemoan
The quietness brings upon nothing but dread
Distance sound of the whistle of a train horn
A stillness in the air abounds
Silence surrounds me like a sleeping newborn
Flashes of my past play in the background
Knowing my life is passing me by
Misery over what I have missed
These thoughts make me want to cry
Memories of mistakes cannot be dismissed
So, I sit here alone in my thoughts
Tearing me up inside leaving myself twisted in knots

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