Future for Two


Dreaming of a future with you

A time when our days are made for us two

Travelling from place to place

Discovering the beauty of God’s great creation

From the Beaches of the coasts

To the Mountains along the divide

And all the areas in-between

Together we will travel from one destination to the next

Visiting our children and their families

Growing older into our twilight we will be

Experiencing all the sights of created by God’s mighty hand

A future meant just for us two

Picture Credit: Pixabay.com


Belton Beach Fort Hood, Texas

We got to spend the day here right before we headed overseas to Iraq. It was what the military calls Unit MWR time or Mandatory Fun Day. It was hot, but it wasn’t that bad. Of course I didn’t have a swimsuit. I was getting ready to head overseas, forgot to pack one.