In a Box


Inside a box a life is lived

Told what to do

How to live

Don’t stray from these confines

You will be left astray

Books that tell us how to love

Books that tell us how to make friends

Speeches on how to influence people

Classes on how to become rich

People that tell you how to save your relationship

So many ways and ideas exist

But in the end, they all reside within the limits set forth with

Try to live outside the norms

Ostracized by the world you become

Why do I have to live my life by others worldly rules

Yes, some laws make sense, like do not murder or do not steal

My life does not fit into your box, I am messed up screwed up beyond the norm

But maybe this is what is normal and not what you portray

I worship, love, interact and play in my own way.

I don’t fit in your box