Quote – “A New Normal”

“Life is about constantly adjusting to what becomes of it from the choices you have made in it. Its about adjusting to what becomes a new normal, it may be far from what you once knew as normal. You can either fight it and be miserable or adjust and find out what new adventures this new normal will bring you.”

A Soldier’s Walk


Picture Credit: Pixabay.com

Change of Heart


Knowing the pain you feel

Understanding that I’m to blame

Ignorance was what I showed you

Neglecting what you needed

A change to my heart was required

Transformation was what happened

I have no answers to your questions of how and why

All I can say is my heart for you has changed

Wanting you more than I can say

Excited by your touch, stimulated by your essence

Looking in your eyes is spellbinding

Hard to look upon the past

Praying for our future forward

Waiting is all I can do

Leaving is something I can’t

You are my Today, Tomorrow and Forever….