Kissing Curse

Oh what a wicked one was she
An entrancing beauty both inside and out
Men couldn’t help but notice her as she passed them by
Filling them with a deep want to know her more
Her teasing ways led many astray
On rocks they crashed
Where their hearts were dashed
Fluttering her eyes and entrancing them with her smile
Let all the gents beguiled
This power she had was what she craved
But under this came a downfall so steep
On so many with her wickedness she did slay
Making them fall for her so deep
But when they felt they had caught her
A feeling came to them so perverse
What a sickening feeling inside did stir
On those lips dripped the poison of her kissing curse
They would lose their mind
And their life in time!

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108 Years…109?



How much time has passed

Two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, The Cold War, Iraq, Afghanistan

Presidents from Roosevelt, the first one to Obama, to well we will leave that one alone

Stock Market crashes, men to the moon, computers and cell phones

Tragedies from the Titanic, the Hindenburg to 9-11

We have seen so much as a society over these past 108 years

The only thing unseen was a Cubs World Series Win

The outs come closer, the time is growing near

Will 108 be done or will it go to 109

Remembering my Uncle Earl sitting on his couch watching the Cubbies on WGN

Those lovable losers, names like Ernie Banks, Dave Kingman, Ryne Sandberg and so many more

Sometimes very close, but not just enough

For my friend Jim who bleeds Cubby blue

The time I think is now

End the curse of the goat and say an apology to Bartman

It is the year of the Cubs

Fly the “W” proudly

Unless they really screw it up over these last couple innings then, I guess just wait until next year.

Looks like they are going to give it up again

Heartbreak in the streets of Chicago, we will see

Do we stop at 108 or go on to 109

Cubs Win Cubs Win!!!!!

Harry Carey it’s time for a cold Budweiser

Holy Cow