The Absence of Her

It was four years ago today

That you left and passed away

A lifetime we spent together

I thought you would be around forever

When I was little you protected me from the monsters at night

That would come out when there was no light

As I got older you told it to me straight

If I was acting a fool you let me know post haste

When I was in trouble you were always there for me

You were the best big sister you could be

Always there when I asked

You were there to help so fast

Now you are gone and my heart breaks

Pain so great I don’t know if I can take

The absence of her still hurts in my soul

Without her in my life I will never be whole


For my big sister Donna, I miss you each and everyday.  You were the best big sister a boy could ask for.

Picture of my big sister and my oldest daughter who loved her so much.

Writing prompt:

A Fragrant Fog

Upon a moonlit night

Out past the end of town just a bit

Deep into the woods it came

Moving over the trees and brush

It came with a silent hush

Crawling over the ground it came without a sound

Filling every part of ground, it found

Into the village it came

A fragrant fog stole into the homes

Leaving them nothing but sweet-smelling tombs.


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August Writing Prompts by ~M

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Always behind you
Never getting ahead
Reminding you of the things you have done
Your past is never far behind
No matter where you go
As you sleep it permeates your dreams
Turning them into nightmares
Tugging at your mind
Pulling at your soul
Your past never lets you go
Till that day when your future stops
Buried six feet under in a pine made box
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Far Away


Darkness as black as coal

Stars shimmer as the only light

A lonely outpost in the vast mountains

All around the enemy lurks in the dark

Plotting and planning to kill and destroy

Inside thoughts are thousands of miles away

Restless sleep as dreams of loved ones abound

Thinking of a wife, child or parents back home

Fear is a feeling that they hold down deep

Brothers in arms they must trust each other to survive

While outside the enemy plots to lay waste to their lives

A flash of light, an explosion rocks the night

Gunfire, rockets, bombs all around

The thoughts of country and home go away

Only thing that matters now is your brother on your left and right

The enemy comes wave after wave

Those dreams of home drift so far away

Seconds become minutes, minutes become hours

Fear and adrenaline rush through their veins

Explosions and shots all around

The fight for survival rules this ground

Silent prayers to God abound

Lord keep me safe and let me see my loved ones again

The enemy comes closer and closer, rage and hate in their hearts

The battle goes on through the night

Waiting for the vestiges of first light

Men cry out in anguish and pain

Unknown who will live and who will die

Loved ones back home awake from their dreams

Feeling an anguish at the gasp of a last breathe

Hearts once attached awake

Broken apart sensing their loss

Tears fall and bodies give out knowing their soldiers light has gone out.

Re-posted in honor of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in duty to their country and the families who have dealt with that sacrifice. May God bring you peace.

Remembrance to all who have fallen in duty to our country on this Memorial Day.




Even as time passes

The pain does not go away

Memories of you drift through my mind

So many things I wish I had said to you

So many things I still want to talk to you about

You were the one I went to when I was scared as a child

The one I would tell my troubles to as I grew older

When I needed someone to kick some sense into me

You were the one who knew what I needed to hear

I know I could be a bratty little brother

But you loved me just the same

My heart still aches every day without you still around

You left this world way too early

So many tears have been shed from my eyes

I wish I could have said goodbye

I send this message to you my dear sister wherever you may be

I love you and miss you so

With love from your baby brother……

Picture Credit: Brian Cook

Picture of my Sister and my oldest daughter. She was always there when I needed her. No questions asked. I miss you so much Donna…You are part of my heart and soul.


In Remembrance


Life so full of hope

A future so bright

So many lives did he touch

Smiles to all he met

Jokes and laughter staples in his life

Surrounded by friends until the end

A young man’s life cut short

We will never know why

God has a plan for all his children

Not only here but in heaven above

He is now an angel looking down

A light for those who knew him

His memory will never fade from our hearts

A young man who resides with God above

A world full of the hearts he touched below

Today we cry

Tomorrow we mourn

Down the road our paths will meet once more

In remembrance of a young man who we knew from a boy, who’s life was tragically cut short.  Rest In Peace…

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Out of Darkness into the Light

Man Walking Towards Cross

Purging the darkness out

Fighting back the void of night

Left with a hole so full of blight

Walking a path through a tunnel ahead

Towards the end and freedom’s stay

Often stumbling and falling to the ground

Arms of darkness trying to pull me back down

Trail ahead fraught with danger

Fighting furiously to save my soul

Alone I’m left lost to despair

Needing the help of the one who has conquered death

Pull me close oh Lord, fill me with your might

Lead my path ahead into your light

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