Upon a Future Path

Upon a path of our life forthcoming

Which will begin before my homecoming

We look to take a different pathway

Beginning on your coming birthday

An adventure of excitement we seek

Into a life we create unique

This journey we go as two

Finding a stimulus above and beyond we do

Our future we will create our own

An amazing path we shall be sown

Life lived on our terms we shall pursue

Your birthday will be only a preview
Picture Credit: Pixabay.com

Skype Date


The screen flickers on

Sounds of a machine coming to life

Putting in my password

Waiting for everything to load

Updates, scans, this that and another

Finally I can open up the program that brings you into view

Seeing you sitting there, with a smile that melts my heart

An excitement inside me whenever my eyes fall upon you

Sitting so pretty and a smile that takes my breath away

Wishing you were back home now

Sitting here instead of there

I begin to say Hi

But no sound comes out on your side

Alas, not all is perfect here in Skype world

So just being able to see you is all I will get

Sexy, smoking hot and looking so lovely to boot.

Hurry home, it’s been to long

My love, my life, my one and only….

Photo Credit: Pixabay.com