A Father’s Joy

The sound of new life
A cry of such beauty
The miracle unfolds
She comes with 10 tiny toes
Blessing beyond compare
In a moment she is there
Taking my heart with her precious stare
Looking into our little wonder
That day so long ago
Our consecration of our love
Watching her grow from baby to child
From child to adolescent
Today she becomes an adult
From that first cry to her laughter so coy
She will always be her father’s pride and joy

Happy 18th Birthday Brianna….

Walking the Aisle

Today is a day all Fathers dread and dream about

Walking your daughter down the aisle

Looking back over her life from her first steps 

Watching her go off to her first day of school 

The good times and the not so good times

A young man has taken her fancy 

Took her heart and she has taken his

Two will become one in the sight of God 

But first I will walk her down the aisle

One step after another further down the aisle we move

Closer and closer I get to letting her go and letting her young man take her hand

I couldn’t be more happy for her but a hint of sadness at passing on my duty as her protector 

A good Godly man however will take my place 

What more could a father ask 

But first I have to make it down the aisle 

So what is going through my mind as we move walk down that aisle

I think of what my wife said to me 

Whatever you do don’t step on her dress.

Oh the pressure 

Daughter number 2 going down the aisle today. Love my girl. 

My Walk Begins



This is my first post, I have never done anything like this before, but there is someone who is very special in my life who is a full-time blogger and I got the inspiration from her. I don’t even pretend that I am a good or even competent writer, so bear with me. I want to use this blog to express some things that I need to get off my chest and discover a way to improve myself by connecting with others. So let this adventure begin and wish me luck.