A Fragrant Fog

Upon a moonlit night

Out past the end of town just a bit

Deep into the woods it came

Moving over the trees and brush

It came with a silent hush

Crawling over the ground it came without a sound

Filling every part of ground, it found

Into the village it came

A fragrant fog stole into the homes

Leaving them nothing but sweet-smelling tombs.


Photo courtesy of Favim.com

August Writing Prompts by ~M

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As I walk all around me is nothing

My path covered in a dense fog

Unable to see what is ahead of me

Behind me lost in a cloud that covers me all around

Unable to see the pitfalls and dangers ahead

To scared to turn back at what I’ve passed by

Do I continue on through this unseeing fog

Or should I just lay down and die lost in this maze

If I continue on is there sunshine ahead or a continuous unknown

My head tells me there is no hope of a clear path ahead

My heart says to continue on and have faith that the fog will break and sunshine will light my way

Weary am I but onward I will continue into that unknown

Hoping that somewhere there is open skies ahead