4th of July


Upon an ideal a nation was formed

A belief in freedom that would be heard round the world

A declaration was made to say we were a free nation

Declaring our independence from masters across the sea

An idea that all men are created equal

Yes we had our times of injustice along the way

Wrongs were made right as time went by

Along the way other nations have risen and fallen

Countries have changed and many have broken apart

We have stayed and grown

A light in the world to so many we have become

An idea created so long ago

A nation was born

On the 4th day of July we celebrate

With flags flying all around

Fireworks blazing across the skies

From sea to shining sea

A remembrance of what America can be


Picture Credit: Pixabay.com

Upon A Cloud


Tell me what the sound a cloud makes

Let me know what it takes

To find where it begins and where it ends

What that journey they make intends

As I watch them pass me by

Wishing to myself I could fly

Free as they float across the sky

Seeing all that lies below

Oh how I wish I could go

Over the trees and above the mountains

A soul set free to see all of God’s creation below

Photo Credit: Pixabay.com