Even as time passes

The pain does not go away

Memories of you drift through my mind

So many things I wish I had said to you

So many things I still want to talk to you about

You were the one I went to when I was scared as a child

The one I would tell my troubles to as I grew older

When I needed someone to kick some sense into me

You were the one who knew what I needed to hear

I know I could be a bratty little brother

But you loved me just the same

My heart still aches every day without you still around

You left this world way too early

So many tears have been shed from my eyes

I wish I could have said goodbye

I send this message to you my dear sister wherever you may be

I love you and miss you so

With love from your baby brother……

Picture Credit: Brian Cook

Picture of my Sister and my oldest daughter. She was always there when I needed her. No questions asked. I miss you so much Donna…You are part of my heart and soul.