Emma and Pippa


Large as a pony

A joyful day for you is just lying around the house

You are so big, but yet so funny

Lying around quiet as a mouse

Except when your snores begin to roar

Cuddly as a kitten

Gentle giants are what they are called

Shedding enough hair I could knit a whole bunch of mittens

On the couch is where you sprawled

Gnawing on bones as big as logs

Drool dripping all around

Our wonderful pair of mastiff puppy dogs

So much love from them can be found

A part of the family day after day

Emma and Pippa Happy Birthday


On Ice


Out I stepped

Slipping and sliding

On my feet I was gliding

Out of control

Feet on a roll

Up in the air they flew

I didn’t know what I would do

Down I landed

On my ass I planted

Photo Credit: sokollawfirm.com