Growing up we make friends all around

Some are close and some you just know

They come in all shapes and sizes

For different reasons at different times

We love the time we spend with them

Hoping it will never end

As we grow our friends often change

What we enjoy and what we do affects what we do

Friends from school

Friends from the neighborhood

Friends from sports, church or so much more

As we go into adulthood our friendships change again

Marriages, children and changes to our lives

Now they come from where we work

Where we live and from who our kids know

The closeness we had when we were kids

Replaced by that feeling of unknown

Hoping for that tightness we had when we were young

Someone to laugh with and tell our secrets to

Sometimes we get lucky and find such a friend

We hope that they will be around through thick and thin

A friend like that is hard to find indeed

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The Lion Sleeps Tonight


Awaiting the day of arrival

Looking into your eyes for the first time

Heart wrapped around your finger

Crawling along the floor

Pulling up to walk some more

First day of school, following the bus to ensure you’re not scared

School plays, recitals and field trips

Watching you scrape your knees when you fall on the ground

Holding you close as tears abound

Family trips, holidays and so much more

Into a young lady you grow so quick

Days go by, weeks than years

Graduation day is soon here

Watching you strike out on your own

Soon a young man catches your eye

Down the aisle I lead you, with a tear in my eye

So proud I am to watch you grow from the baby girl I held so close

To the fine you woman you have become

Always remember that, “In the Jungle, the mighty Jungle the Lion Sleeps Tonight”

Love Dad


Scared Little Boy


Little boy why are you the way you are

What brought you to this point

Why so scared of monsters that don’t exist

Hiding in your room, keeping as quiet as possible

Leaving your house, so no one hears you go

Going from friends house to friends house seeking refuge

Why do you run and hide

What made you such a scared little boy

Who are those monsters that you run from

Grow up and be a man

Real men aren’t scared of monsters

Toughen up and don’t show your fear or emotions

Hide them deep inside, keep them locked away

Grow up little boy it is time you became a man

Hide it all away, it is the only way

Push it down, deep, deep down

You are no longer a little boy, but a grown man.