urban-1002149_960_720Who am I suppose to be

How am I suppose to act

What will they think of me

How much of the real me should I show them

Is the real me something they want to see

Will they react in horror or repulsion

Who am I really

Hiding myself in plain sight from those I care for the most

I keep the real me hidden inside

I let them see what I think they want to see

The world tells me I need to be like this and act like that

It’s not who I am, so I put up my mask

For so long I hide my real self from all

I lose track of who and what I am supposed to be

Holding those closest at arm length away

I lose who I am, I have gone astray

My facade of the fake me begins to crumble

Leaving me lost in my mind I stumble

Pushing, pushing, pushing away

Crashing, crashing, crashing one day

Till a voice says to me, son you have hidden away far to long

Become the man I have made you to be

Hide away no longer, let the you I created find the light of day

Show those you care about the real you

Throw away that mask and be free my son

I gave my blood to wash you clean from your past

Turn back to me and be mine again

Hidden no more, I have found the real me.

Scared Little Boy


Little boy why are you the way you are

What brought you to this point

Why so scared of monsters that don’t exist

Hiding in your room, keeping as quiet as possible

Leaving your house, so no one hears you go

Going from friends house to friends house seeking refuge

Why do you run and hide

What made you such a scared little boy

Who are those monsters that you run from

Grow up and be a man

Real men aren’t scared of monsters

Toughen up and don’t show your fear or emotions

Hide them deep inside, keep them locked away

Grow up little boy it is time you became a man

Hide it all away, it is the only way

Push it down, deep, deep down

You are no longer a little boy, but a grown man.