Pulled into your orbit

Your beauty gathers me in

A sparkle in your eyes

The glow of your smile

Our lips pull near

A passion passes between us

Gravity pulls our bodies pulled together

As heat rises from the friction as we embrace

Intensity of desire reaches to our souls

When we pull apart

It rips at the fiber of my heart

Where I want to stay

Is with you always

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What do you do when the one you love is sad and blue

How do you make the hurt stop

Telling them it will be ok

Won’t take the pain away

A hug, a kiss or a look

Will this help today

Just being there for them

It is what I try to do

Inside I feel a failure

However I shall never give up

Never go away

I will love you each day

Until those blues are a memory left in the past

My love for you is what will last