Relationship Reconciliation


Does she love me

Does she even care anymore

What is going on in her mind

I bet she finds me ugly and unattractive


Does he love me

Does he even care anymore

What does he think about

Is he even there


Does she find me unappealing

Is she regretting ever being with me

Were is she now


Has he ever really loved me

I think he finds me ugly

Is there someone else out there for me


Why is this happening to me

What should I do

Is it time for me to leave


Maybe we should really talk

Talk about what is going on

Find out what the other is thinking


Hi how are you doing

What is wrong between us

What can we I do to have you stay


I do love you

I love you to

You are so beautiful

You are so handsome


Each day is a new day

Put yesterday in the past

Together in the now

Start fresh with each new day

Forgive and move on

Together Forever……..



A Love Story

Once upon a time
I know a bit cliché
There was a boy and a girl
At first sight it was anything but a delight
But a relationship did sprout
Soon distance between them seemed to put it all in pearl
Closer they grew and soon the two became one
Life was grand and their love did blossom
Bundles of joy soon did follow
Time went along and as always troubles did ensue
Eventually a breaking point did occur between these two
However the end was not to be
Perseverance was their way
A love that would not go away
Life continued on with bumps along the way
How they made it where others would falter
Then one day he made a decision that would put them to the test
A mistake it was looking back
What will become of these two is yet to be seen
But I believe that a love that once was can be again
To be continued…..

For the one I love……

Love Is

My Love is Patient

I will wait until my last breath is taken

My Love is Kind

Gently I will always hold you and be there for you

My Love does not Envy

I am proud of all your talents and who you are

My Love does not Boast

I know my needs are not more important than yours

My Love is not Proud

I have done things to hurt you and have not always been the husband I should be

My Love is not Rude

My ears will listen, my mouth will stay quiet and my attention will be on you

My Love is not Self-Seeking

I don’t want me to be more than you, I want me to be us forever

My Love is not easily angered

I understand and will look at things from your side also

My Love Keeps No Records of Wrongs

What was done is done, I still love you with all my heart and soul

My Love will Never Fail

I will be at your side until the end. You are my one and only


Not the best poem, but it goes out to my wonderful, beautiful, talented, amazing, caring, I could go on and on Wife. You are part of my soul and though we have been going through some rough times. I will always be there like I hadn’t been. I am sorry for the way I took you for granted and denied your needs. I just want you to know I am going to be the husband you want and deserve. I am still amazed everyday that you choose me. Today, Tomorrow, Forever is my Love for you. Keep being that shining light and please continue to be my partner in this thing we call Life.  All My Love..






Home to You

Days pass by like a slow-moving stream

Upon your heart I wait upon a dream

Future for two souls entwined over time

The day will come when I am yours and you are mine

Till that day I count the mornings as they past

Waiting to be in your arms at last

Until that day I come home to you

The thought of your beautiful face pulls me through.

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23 Years

There was a day when I said no way

I would never be the one to take the plunge

Staying a single man was my plan

Hiding up in the mountains away from it all

It was what I wanted all along

Then one day a sight came to my eyes

A girl who I swore was out of my league

She had a smile and a twinkle in her eyes

That made you melt inside

I knew I was in trouble from the start

She was going to have my heart

The plunge I knew I was going to take

The day of our wedding I showed up late

23 years ago I said I do

Today I say I Love only you

Thank you for making me see the light

I thank God for taking the dark out of my night

The Lord blessed me on that day

23 years ago Today.


Reintroduction of A Soldier’s Walk


I just wanted to say thank you first to all of you out there that have taken the time to read my writings. When I first started this blog, I didn’t know what to expect or whether I would be able to even write anything. My experience with writing anything was an occasional letter to someone and writing Papers in High School and College (A long time ago for both). I am what you would have called at the time, a failed husband, a self-prescribed underwhelming father and just going through the motions of life. I was really dead inside and was lost at how to get out of it. My wonderful wife, who I almost lost due to this absence I had allowed into our marriage is the one who lead me into this world. She has been blogging for around 3 years and I must say is an amazing writer. See her blog here; . I won’t go into her journey with her blog, but let’s just say my absence in our marriage was behind some of her writings. I didn’t know a thing about poetry beyond maybe Dr. Seuss books. I just knew I had so much bottled up inside of me. I was never one who was good with emotions, I just bottled them up and stuffed them deep down inside. With writing this blog I have found a freedom to express a lot of these emotions not only through my writing, but in my life. Over these last few months I have been on a journey that was to win the heart of my wife back. I know this is not a journey with an end, but something I need to do every day.


A majority of my writing has been inspired on my feelings towards my lovely wife. I hope this journey may inspire others to know that it is never too late to fight for what is right, no matter what it may be. I know a lot of you were surprised to find out that ~ M and I were husband and wife. It was a decision made mutually between us to hide that fact until we knew was the right time. I have learned a lot about myself through this blogging adventure and reading and interacting with so many of you have really made a lasting imprint on my life. I am amazed by all the talent I see through so many of you and am inspired by it. Again I want to just reintroduce myself and say hello and thank you for coming along on this journey with me.

Yup that is a real picture of me.


Letting Go


To the love of my life

I must say it is time for me to let go

Time for me to let go of all my issues

Time to let go of all the feelings and emotions I have kept hidden in my soul

Time to let go of holding back on my ability to love and be whole

Time to let go of hiding behind my mask

Time to let go of the wall I created around myself

Time to let my heart go and merge with you

Time for me to let go and be the one you need me to be

It is time to go forward and become the man, husband, friend and lover you always deserved.


7967965_f1024Starting over is a scary idea

It means that what you thought was not ideal

Building something new out of what you were

Taking who you were and discarding the old

After the trials of these past few years

Almost losing that most dear to me

A love that means the most

I found a strength that I didn’t know was within

Love has strengthened my heart to be a better man

Love has revived me to be a better husband

Love has taken ahold of my soul to be better all around

I want my love to know that the change is true

The change in me is deeper than the surface

It comes from a place I didn’t know was real

So each day  I will show that my love is real

That this change you see and feel is honest

I love you today, tomorrow, forever.


Today has been a tough day I will not lie

I look at myself and wonder why

Holding back my emotions and feelings for so long

Disaster strikes and the dam pieces fly

A flood of emotions come pouring out

Unsure on how to control them without getting hurt

Today was a tough day I will not lie

However I look to God and see what he did for us

Forgiven even my broken soul

Unsure on how this could be

But unconditional He loves me

I trust in you to bring me through

A path ahead not easy or wide

Forgiveness I give as he has given unto me

Moving ahead is what I seek

A future ahead a past behind

Today was a tough day I will not lie

But God still loves me and I trust in Him.



My Walk Begins



This is my first post, I have never done anything like this before, but there is someone who is very special in my life who is a full-time blogger and I got the inspiration from her. I don’t even pretend that I am a good or even competent writer, so bear with me. I want to use this blog to express some things that I need to get off my chest and discover a way to improve myself by connecting with others. So let this adventure begin and wish me luck.