Random Quote of Mine

The other night I was texting with my lovely beautiful wife and she asked me if I was bored. I am currently staying in a room that I would say is heat challenged. So my reply to her was;

“Pretty much!  Shivering in the cold only keeps you entertained for so long”

I was bundled up in warm clothes under the covers in my bed. Got to love the Army. I have had to deal with worse. Sleeping in a tent in Korea in the middle of winter. Being in the middle of the Iraq desert in the middle of winter and growing up in Wisconsin, I have had to deal with cold weather. I’m currently in Louisiana and you would figure it might be a little warmer. NOT! Hope you all have a warm and wonderful day.

On Ice


Out I stepped

Slipping and sliding

On my feet I was gliding

Out of control

Feet on a roll

Up in the air they flew

I didn’t know what I would do

Down I landed

On my ass I planted

Photo Credit: sokollawfirm.com




Cold bites at my face

Burning my skin in its embrace

Vapors rise from between my lips

Rising into the emptiness

Winds bring a harsh cold

Sending a chill deep into soul

A frosty wonderland

Blasting into me where I stand

Skies shown in a deep blue

A sharp crispness comes into view

Wishing that summer was here soon

Photo Credit: Rocketstock.com






A Walk Into 2017

Took a walk around our neighborhood on the first day of the year. Just had this urge to go out and take pictures. It was a beautiful winter day and thankfully not too cold. Well if you call upper 20’s not too cold. Just felt like doing something different to start the new year out. Pictures they say are worth a thousand words, well I don’t know about that always. I hope you enjoy a touch of winter. Happy New Year.