Five Finger Death Punch – “Bad Company”

I spent 2 tours in Iraq from 2010 – 2011 and 2017 -2018.  I unfortunately didn’t get to see them when they were over there. Worked 12 – 15 hour days 7 days a week on average. Some where much longer. I think the hardest part is coming back home sometimes. I want to have a special shout out to all my brother’s and sisters who have held that line and for those who never came home and those still fighting.  God Bless  you all…


#TuesdayTunes – Queensryche “Eyes of a Stranger”

Saw Queensryche back in 1992 at the Cow Palace in San Jose. It was their Operation Mindcrime tour and it was incredible. Geoff Tate has an incredible voice and they are an electric group in concert. I was about 6 feet from the stage and it was a packed house. When I was in Iraq in 2011 they were at my base doing a USO tour and I was excited about maybe getting the chance to see them again. Of course mission came first and I couldn’t go. Enjoy the amazing vocals and power of this song.