A mirror image of who he once was.

Once a dashing young prince of a man

A smile that would make the ladies swoon

Covered from head to toe in a bronze tan

The stature of a legendary British Dragoon

Feats of bravery and daring heard near and far

Winning the ladies hearts across the land

Many looked upon him like a star

His good looks and hard body went hand in hand

But as always, the case

A foe beyond his strength did rise

His slow fall from grace

An enemy did take him by surprise

It was neither man nor beast

An adversary that was so sublime

A fight he put up at least

The prosecutor of his demise

Was an enemy without pause

An opposition working overtime

Made him a mirror image of who he once was

The enemy of his was non-other than father time.

Prompt Courtesy of : https://puttingmyfeetinthedirt.com/2018/12/01/december-writing-prompts-2/

Becoming Us


Wrapped in your arms

Held tight in your grasp

Lips coming together

Taste of sweetness within your kiss

Running my hands through your hair

Silk threads so smooth to my touch

Gazing into your eyes

A fire blazes into my soul

Desire to be engulfed completely within you

Needing you, wanting you, lost in you

Today, tomorrow, forever more

You and I becoming us

Picture Credit: 2.bp.blogspot.com

Being a “Man”



A real man shows no emotions

A real man is tough all the time

A real man never cries

A real man is this or that

I have been told my whole life

This is what being a “Man” is all about

What has this brought me

A life of pain that was held inside

Incarcerated into a lie

Today I have broken free

Vulnerability is not a weakness

it is a strength

Showing those close to you what you really are

Brings you closer to them

A real man is a person who, loves, cries, shows his true emotions and is real in how he feels.


For my wife who I was so distant from for so long, who I by my actions almost tore us apart. I love you with all my heart and know that you are and always will be a gift from God.