I sit here alone
Thoughts of my life running around in my head
Looking back on my mistakes I bemoan
The quietness brings upon nothing but dread
Distance sound of the whistle of a train horn
A stillness in the air abounds
Silence surrounds me like a sleeping newborn
Flashes of my past play in the background
Knowing my life is passing me by
Misery over what I have missed
These thoughts make me want to cry
Memories of mistakes cannot be dismissed
So, I sit here alone in my thoughts
Tearing me up inside leaving myself twisted in knots

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Looking Back

Looking back on a childhood so long ago

I think back to my neighborhood where I did roam

A group of friends we were all the same age

We were a group of eight young boys

Times were much simpler back then

There were no cellphones or digital cameras that tracked our lives

No exciting video games and only 4 or 5 channels on the boob tube

Our neighborhood was our play land

 Playing games like football in the mud and flashlight tag at night

Buying fireworks through the mail and the good kinds to boot

So many things we did, we were limited by our imagination alone

Running through the yards late into the night

Playing games like fake fight

Swimming in an old Recycle Pond

Going sledding in the dark well past one

It seemed those days would never end

But time has a way to change even those so close

High School came and we moved apart

Moving different places

Becoming parts of different groups

I miss those days, I miss those friends

But those memories are something I hold close

Oh those years ago when life was simple and friends were everything

I still talk to a few of my old mates

Some I haven’t seen since we officially became men

Now we all have families and such

But a bond built over those many summers and winters long ago

A life so simple but so yet so full of fun

Picture Credit: My Middle School Yearbook



Always behind you
Never getting ahead
Reminding you of the things you have done
Your past is never far behind
No matter where you go
As you sleep it permeates your dreams
Turning them into nightmares
Tugging at your mind
Pulling at your soul
Your past never lets you go
Till that day when your future stops
Buried six feet under in a pine made box
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Foggy thoughts in my mind

Remembrances of times past caught in a bind

Views of past times clouded in my brain

Trying to remember events and friends gone by

Straining to revive the memories I try to bring back

At times words escape my thoughts

Unable to bring them forth to speak them out

So much I am losing as each day passes

Unable to find things in my mind

Maybe it is age as I grow older

Blows to my head in days gone past

Making a scramble of my head at the time

These missing pieces scare me so

Scared of what I’ve let go

Times, memories, people and places

Please Oh Lord, keep my thoughts whole.

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Opening an old box

reaching in finding a treasure of the past

something that took a moment in time and froze it in place

a memory of a time

a memory of a place

a memory of a person

a memory of an event

pictures freeze history in place

watching your kids grow from babies to adults

looking back on the beauty that your wife has always had

seeing family that has long ago gone and those who left before their time

friends that you had forgotten

friends that you wish you could

memories can come flooding back and that frozen period in time

can bring back a full movie that was captured in that picture

People, places, events, time, friends, loves, family, so much more

Pictures freeze our past for the future to see

So many feelings come flooding in with each different one

Remember a picture is worth a thousand words……