Late Nights


Clock strikes midnight

A time most begin to fright

But I alas is the time for me to hit the hay

Staying up late

Is becoming harder to take

When I was a young man I would start my nights late

As I grow older if find it hard to stay awake

Now midafternoon is my time

Not too early and not too late

Of course I try to prevent this fate

I try an afternoon nap

I sleep in late

All to no avail

As summer comes and the sun’s setting becomes delayed

My need to go to sleep will be downplayed

So I guess it’s time to lay me down to sleep

Until my bladder makes we wake

But that’s another story all together




The beginning of a new week

My head aches my body is weak

A weekend of rest and relaxation

Lying in bed until noon

Time with my wife we swoon

Staying up past midnight

Now Monday comes and I have to rise at first light

Crawling out of bed

Sleep still clouds my head

Into the shower I go

Shaving off my beard that has just begun to grow

Putting on my uniform and pulling on my boots

Heading out for another week of work

Somedays the weather is nice, somedays not so much

Monday comes and the only thing I can think of is

When will Friday arrive……

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