Moonlight Excursions


Walking out under the stars

Left to ponder what is ahead

Wondering where you are

Trying to overcome my thoughts so dread

Upon a stream of glowing light

I look upon a dark sky above

My eyes take in a beautiful sight

I think of the one I love

A kiss to the heavens I send

I walk this trail alone

Hoping my heart reaches to you I pretend

All the way from here to home

I take these moonlight excursions

The rays of which fill me with aversion

To the pain I feel being apart

From the one who holds my heart.

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January Writing Prompts




Only You


Tenderly your words speak to me

Softly I feel the caress of your touch

My craving for you is unceasing

A desire unquenchable, but only by my love

Wanting you, needing you, only you

You are my moonlight on the darkest of nights

My brightest color placed in my life by our Father above

Painting my life in ways I never believed possible

Over the years that color refuses to fade

Only shining brighter with your radiance

Which makes me crave you only that much more

Wanting you, needing you, only you