Spring Walk Around the Neighborhood

Just took a little walk around the neighborhood. Love Spring with the air getting warmer and things starting to grow back. Looking at God’s creation just brings a smile to my face. In Wisconsin we have what is called the Ice Age Trail. It is a trail system that runs from the bottom of the state to the top of the state. It is an amazing trail to walk in so many areas.

Photo Credits: Brian Cook

A Walk Into 2017

Took a walk around our neighborhood on the first day of the year. Just had this urge to go out and take pictures. It was a beautiful winter day and thankfully not too cold. Well if you call upper 20’s not too cold. Just felt like doing something different to start the new year out. Pictures they say are worth a thousand words, well I don’t know about that always. I hope you enjoy a touch of winter. Happy New Year.



Opening an old box

reaching in finding a treasure of the past

something that took a moment in time and froze it in place

a memory of a time

a memory of a place

a memory of a person

a memory of an event

pictures freeze history in place

watching your kids grow from babies to adults

looking back on the beauty that your wife has always had

seeing family that has long ago gone and those who left before their time

friends that you had forgotten

friends that you wish you could

memories can come flooding back and that frozen period in time

can bring back a full movie that was captured in that picture

People, places, events, time, friends, loves, family, so much more

Pictures freeze our past for the future to see

So many feelings come flooding in with each different one

Remember a picture is worth a thousand words……