30 Years


Where has the time gone?

The days of innocence past

Worries that once we thought would never pass

From our first day of kindergarten

To the day we went our separate ways

Days of classes, lectures and tests

Weekends of work, fun and play

Cruising in cars to the tunes of our time

The only care we had were what do we do next

Some off to college, some off to work

Some started families and others drifted apart

Thirty years have gone by since we left that life

Those days we spent in a High School daze

Now we have new lives

Families, careers and so much more

Friends who are no longer with us we remember with a smile

Hairlines recede and waistlines expand

Thinking back on days we wanted to pass by

Now we would give anything to find that innocence again

Friendships, relationships, parties and more

Friday night Football, weekends with friends

Tonight we will tell stories of times gone past

Catch up on each other’s lives

Saying how we should stay in touch

But in reality remembering how so much of these times really sucked.




Being apart has been difficult from the start

This time was only for a brief moment

Though the minutes seemed like hours

The hours seemed like days

The days were a lifetime of missing you

Talking on the phone

Chatting on-line

A good salve to ease the time apart

My anticipation for your return

has grown deep inside my heart

To hold you once again

To see you in the flesh

To taste your lips that electrify me

I long for your return

Into my arms intertwined in your presence is what I yearn



For my wife who is gone for a short time, I wait for your return, I miss you…