Why I Serve


Why did I want to serve my country?

What were the thoughts in my head?

I was young and had no real clue of the real world

My father had served, my brother and sister too

This isn’t why, it wasn’t to follow my family

It was much deeper than that

Something inside of me said I had more to give

I serve because I believe in this country

I believe in the ideals of freedom, liberty and that all men are created equal

Being a soldier means being willing to give of yourself for the rights of others

I swore an oath to protect my country against all enemies both foreign and domestic

As a Sergeant in the Army I know that no one is more professional then I

In the Army we are expected to live by seven main values

Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honesty, Integrity, Personal Courage

I serve because I want my children to be safe and to grow up being free

I know all this may sound a bit cheesy

Think to yourself what in your life do you feel so strongly about

That you would be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for others.

I am an American Soldier