Relationship Reconciliation


Does she love me

Does she even care anymore

What is going on in her mind

I bet she finds me ugly and unattractive


Does he love me

Does he even care anymore

What does he think about

Is he even there


Does she find me unappealing

Is she regretting ever being with me

Were is she now


Has he ever really loved me

I think he finds me ugly

Is there someone else out there for me


Why is this happening to me

What should I do

Is it time for me to leave


Maybe we should really talk

Talk about what is going on

Find out what the other is thinking


Hi how are you doing

What is wrong between us

What can we I do to have you stay


I do love you

I love you to

You are so beautiful

You are so handsome


Each day is a new day

Put yesterday in the past

Together in the now

Start fresh with each new day

Forgive and move on

Together Forever……..




7967965_f1024Starting over is a scary idea

It means that what you thought was not ideal

Building something new out of what you were

Taking who you were and discarding the old

After the trials of these past few years

Almost losing that most dear to me

A love that means the most

I found a strength that I didn’t know was within

Love has strengthened my heart to be a better man

Love has revived me to be a better husband

Love has taken ahold of my soul to be better all around

I want my love to know that the change is true

The change in me is deeper than the surface

It comes from a place I didn’t know was real

So each day  I will show that my love is real

That this change you see and feel is honest

I love you today, tomorrow, forever.

Beginning Again

I am learning that to begin again you must go back to the start. In games this is easy, but in relationships this is hard. What if they find out they don’t really like me, what if I screw it up… So many pitfalls go through your mind. I believe that if you mean what you say and do, it will bring a new aspect to your relationship.  It will make a stronger, healthier relationship. So Lord I pray for renewal in my relationship and a deeper understanding of what Love is. I ask that you guide us as we begin again and help us reach that goal of a stronger, deeper, spirit filled Love. Amen….