Hope is such a small but exciting word
Even when things look bleakest
Hope is a knowledge that there is always light in the darkness
It allows you to continue on
And it shows you a path to go upon
Hope is just that an idea that things will get better
So when you feel like your life is down
Search for that word that will turn it around
Hope will find you when you least expect it
Providing you an idea of what life can be
So keep your chin up
And always look for the hope in the good
Because when you realize it
It is always darkest before the dawn
God gave us a hope in this world
Through his son who is the Light of this World
So find that hope and it will set you free.
As it has done for me

Picture Credit: Pixabay.com

For someone I hold dear, never lose hope…..

Dust Storm


Wind blowing harder

Kicking up the sand

Trudging forward into the unknown

Sand blasting into my face

Unable to see my place

Walking, walking, walking

Forward I must go

Unyielding it beats against my skin

Tearing and blasting, ripping away

Pain is digging deeper

Can I go on

Blinding me, pushing back at me

My body feeling the strain

Going backwards is not an option

Left or right brings no relief

Forward I trudge into the abyss

Should I just give up

Sit down in the sand

Let it cover me over

To be found no more