Tangerine Fusion

Such an exotic sight

Looking so tangy and tight

Drips of nectar glisten

A taste I have been missing

Touching gently a bit of bliss

I feel its savory wetness

Bring its dew to my tongue

Its taste leaves me undone

Upon my lips I do bring

A gushing of a newly tapped spring

Taste of Tangerine Fusion

Savoring up its illusion


Picture Credit: Pixabay.com

Writing Prompts: https://puttingmyfeetinthedirt.com/2018/08/01/august-writing-prompts/

Ice Cream Cone


Cold cool and delicious

Milky smooth to feel

Wrapping my lips around its tip

Licking longingly with my tongue

Tasty treat to my buds

Gathering all its flavor in a swirl

Such a delectable treat for me to eat

Licking, lashing all around

Nibbling it all on down

Savoring my luscious Ice Cream cone

One is good, a pair would better