Woodland White

Upon the forest deep
Where the mountain becomes steep
A place where few attempts to go
Nature puts on its show
Trees so thick all around
You can barely hear a sound
Sunlight hidden away
When the wind blows all the trees together sway
Animals lurk upon the silent landscape
The darkness below cannot escape
Until that time the winds do change
A chill in the air does hang
Snow begins to fill its sight
Turning it all a woodland white.


Picture Credit: dissolve.com

Writing Prompt: https://puttingmyfeetinthedirt.com/2018/09/01/september-writing-prompts-2/

Changing Seasons


Waiting around the house

Watching through a dirty window

Seeing the trees barren swaying in the breeze

Mud and brown grass covers the ground

Birds flying grabbing twigs to make their nests

Snow melted away, temperatures slowly begin to rise

Sun filters through the clouds

Feeling in my mind that spring and summer will soon be here

Sun rays warming my face as I look outside

Thinking in my mind of all that will come with the new season

What am I contemplating…

All the things I need to fix, clean and do and excited about it all

Climbing on the roof to clear out the gutters and remove the sticks

Raking up the leftover fall leaves

Cleaning up the bushes and getting the mower ready for the grass

Am I crazy to look forward to all this stuff

Probably, but hey I am that way

Of course I can do without the mosquitos and all the other bugs

So here is to spring and here is to summer

May they be full of fun and times of adventure

Picture Credit: Pixabay.com