A Voice in the Heavens


Uncertainty clouds my view

Tearing me apart on the inside

Grasping for something to hold on

Looking for the truth in my sight

On what path should I go

How do I choose the way ahead

Looking at the past I see darkness closing in

Listening for a voice in the heavens

Telling me which way to go

A song reaches out to me from the nebulous

Calling me forward

Giving me hope

The music of the Angels

A beautiful hymn of love and grace

Brings me to that truthful place.

Picture Credits: deadfake.deviantart.com


Being a “Man”



A real man shows no emotions

A real man is tough all the time

A real man never cries

A real man is this or that

I have been told my whole life

This is what being a “Man” is all about

What has this brought me

A life of pain that was held inside

Incarcerated into a lie

Today I have broken free

Vulnerability is not a weakness

it is a strength

Showing those close to you what you really are

Brings you closer to them

A real man is a person who, loves, cries, shows his true emotions and is real in how he feels.


For my wife who I was so distant from for so long, who I by my actions almost tore us apart. I love you with all my heart and know that you are and always will be a gift from God.