Upon a dream I wait

Voices in my head drive my doubt

Telling me it will never happen

Why do you believe you deserve this outcome

Trying to push them out

Anxiety takes hold

I try to stay bold

My heart says all will be as willed

Upon peace it shall be filled

Agonizing over the ticking of the clock

Pushing against a giant rock

Knowing that God is at work

Upon his path I shall wait

Not easy to stand still within the storm

Praying that word shall come down soon

Waiting like a cowboy for high noon

Picture Credit: Pixabay.com


Time Apart


Time apart from you

Left for work saying adieu

Mind wanders around

Can make me feel down

The beep of my phone

Means a message from back home

Where you wait for me

The place I would rather be

Biding my time until I see you again

The waiting can drive me insane

Walking through the door

Arriving to your kisses and so much more

Until that time comes

I will sit here all glum

Until that time all my love I send to you.




Being apart has been difficult from the start

This time was only for a brief moment

Though the minutes seemed like hours

The hours seemed like days

The days were a lifetime of missing you

Talking on the phone

Chatting on-line

A good salve to ease the time apart

My anticipation for your return

has grown deep inside my heart

To hold you once again

To see you in the flesh

To taste your lips that electrify me

I long for your return

Into my arms intertwined in your presence is what I yearn



For my wife who is gone for a short time, I wait for your return, I miss you…