23 Years

There was a day when I said no way

I would never be the one to take the plunge

Staying a single man was my plan

Hiding up in the mountains away from it all

It was what I wanted all along

Then one day a sight came to my eyes

A girl who I swore was out of my league

She had a smile and a twinkle in her eyes

That made you melt inside

I knew I was in trouble from the start

She was going to have my heart

The plunge I knew I was going to take

The day of our wedding I showed up late

23 years ago I said I do

Today I say I Love only you

Thank you for making me see the light

I thank God for taking the dark out of my night

The Lord blessed me on that day

23 years ago Today.


Walking the Aisle

Today is a day all Fathers dread and dream about

Walking your daughter down the aisle

Looking back over her life from her first steps 

Watching her go off to her first day of school 

The good times and the not so good times

A young man has taken her fancy 

Took her heart and she has taken his

Two will become one in the sight of God 

But first I will walk her down the aisle

One step after another further down the aisle we move

Closer and closer I get to letting her go and letting her young man take her hand

I couldn’t be more happy for her but a hint of sadness at passing on my duty as her protector 

A good Godly man however will take my place 

What more could a father ask 

But first I have to make it down the aisle 

So what is going through my mind as we move walk down that aisle

I think of what my wife said to me 

Whatever you do don’t step on her dress.

Oh the pressure 

Daughter number 2 going down the aisle today. Love my girl.