Random Quote of Mine

The other night I was texting with my lovely beautiful wife and she asked me if I was bored. I am currently staying in a room that I would say is heat challenged. So my reply to her was;

“Pretty much!  Shivering in the cold only keeps you entertained for so long”

I was bundled up in warm clothes under the covers in my bed. Got to love the Army. I have had to deal with worse. Sleeping in a tent in Korea in the middle of winter. Being in the middle of the Iraq desert in the middle of winter and growing up in Wisconsin, I have had to deal with cold weather. I’m currently in Louisiana and you would figure it might be a little warmer. NOT! Hope you all have a warm and wonderful day.

The Big Dance


Well it is that time of year again, the only time I even pay attention to College Basketball. I actually enjoy watching these games. My favorite team I know doesn’t really stand a chance of making it past the first round, so I’m not really invested into following one team. I enjoy the first weekend the most because that is when the little guys often take down the big guys. Every year I put together a bracket for the tournament and usually by the end of the first day it is a total disaster. So I’m at it again this year. Who am I picking it to win it all this year? I must first say sorry to the people who follow this team. I would love to pick my Wisconsin Badgers, but I’m guessing that they will be one and done. So who am I picking, the Kentucky Wildcats. Which probably means they will get upset sometime over this first weekend.

Well if you follow sports or not, this weekend always has a good story about some school that comes out of nowhere. Some of the stories I find interesting; Northwestern – first NCAA Tournament in school history, they have been around for a long time and this will be their first time in the big dance. Northern Kentucky – First year as a Division 1 school and they make it into the big dance. So many different schools, Winthrop University, South Dakota State, North Dakota, University North Carolina Wilmington,  St Mary’s, Florida Gulf Coast and so many other schools that no one really hears about except at this time of the year. So who is going to wear Cinderella’s shoe this year? So for you who have made out your brackets good luck? Let me know who you are picking this year.

Go Badgers, Go Wildcats.