Time Apart


Time apart from you

Left for work saying adieu

Mind wanders around

Can make me feel down

The beep of my phone

Means a message from back home

Where you wait for me

The place I would rather be

Biding my time until I see you again

The waiting can drive me insane

Walking through the door

Arriving to your kisses and so much more

Until that time comes

I will sit here all glum

Until that time all my love I send to you.


Anticipation of You


Anticipation of you

Time passes slowly as I think of what we will do

Being apart is a drain on my soul

You are what in the end makes me whole

When I walk through that door

It is you I look for

The look in your eyes

Makes me begin to fantasize

What our night may bring

You are my everything

A night of passion

A night of conversation

A night next to you

Is all I want to do

So I sit here still

Waiting with Anticipation

Picture Credit: Favim.com