Rejection is one of the worst feelings 

To feel unwanted hurts to no end

Rejection of a parent

Rejection of friend 

Rejection of a child

Rejection at work

Rejection from the one you love

But the worst rejection of all 

Is when we reject ourselves

This is like dying a bit inside

There is one though who will never reject us

Even when we reject him

Whether you are a nonbeliever or a believer 

We reject him in so many ways 

He has never rejected us

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 

As we celebrate his birth onto this earth

Remember when we feel that pain of rejection 

There is one who loves you no matter what 

And will never reject you 

8 thoughts on “Rejection

  1. Thanks for coming by and leaving me a follow today. I will follow back. I see you have four months of archives and over a hundred followers. You are doing well Our call is to depend in faith on our Lord; therefore, rejection from others can be a call to remember the one who is always there for you. And before I go, I say thanks for all you have done to protect me. my family, my country, my faith by your stand as a soldier. Thank you

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