Amethyst Tears

A day like no other
Upon waiting for her lover
The one in her life that made everything right
Praying with all her might
Wishing for his return
For that is what she yearned
Until the news broke
The words she feared the most was spoke
It was her worst fear
All she could cry was her Amethyst tears


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Pain Pain Pain

Is all I ever give you

Sadness Sadness Sadness

Is all I ever put into your life

All I have ever done is bring tears to your eyes

Depression, Despair and Defeat

What I have only provided from my actions

Taking a stake to your heart

Is what I have done since the start

Why do you put up with me still

Bringing you sadness and tears

Fulfilling all your fears

All I can say is taking steps forward are scary

When there is so much to be weary

But to you I make this vow

No matter where I go or where I am

I take you with me wherever I go

Always today, tomorrow and forever




Even as time passes

The pain does not go away

Memories of you drift through my mind

So many things I wish I had said to you

So many things I still want to talk to you about

You were the one I went to when I was scared as a child

The one I would tell my troubles to as I grew older

When I needed someone to kick some sense into me

You were the one who knew what I needed to hear

I know I could be a bratty little brother

But you loved me just the same

My heart still aches every day without you still around

You left this world way too early

So many tears have been shed from my eyes

I wish I could have said goodbye

I send this message to you my dear sister wherever you may be

I love you and miss you so

With love from your baby brother……

Picture Credit: Brian Cook

Picture of my Sister and my oldest daughter. She was always there when I needed her. No questions asked. I miss you so much Donna…You are part of my heart and soul.


Empathetic Heart


Thoughts of past days run through your mind

Some full of fun and others not so kind

Thinking back on those times bring despair

Makes you wonder why do I care

What makes you this way you ponder so deep

Causing your heart to tear and weep

The person you are is so full of so much love

You find ways to show compassion like our God above

When people are hurting, you feel that too

An empathetic heart reaching out to those sad and blue

So, caring for those who despair

You are a person so full of tenderness, kindness and grace

The reason you feel is because of how much you care

I am so amazed at the beauty inside

A heart and soul so amplified

By the tenderheartedness found in you

*Dedicated to my wife who has the biggest heart full of love that I know. She cares so deeply for people and I am always amazed by you.*



What do you do when the one you love is sad and blue

How do you make the hurt stop

Telling them it will be ok

Won’t take the pain away

A hug, a kiss or a look

Will this help today

Just being there for them

It is what I try to do

Inside I feel a failure

However I shall never give up

Never go away

I will love you each day

Until those blues are a memory left in the past

My love for you is what will last


Darkness Into Light



Lost in the night


Hidden from your sight


A thief comes to snatch away your soul


Sadness he leaves


Uncertainty it breeds


Dreams created that leave you morose


When you awake


You’re left with heartache


Looking for the light


Needing help with this fight


Upon the Lord your hope rests


Grace and mercy He provides when you confess


Upon Him you can rely


To take that tear away from your eye


Taking the darkness out of the night


Make your way into His light


In Remembrance


Life so full of hope

A future so bright

So many lives did he touch

Smiles to all he met

Jokes and laughter staples in his life

Surrounded by friends until the end

A young man’s life cut short

We will never know why

God has a plan for all his children

Not only here but in heaven above

He is now an angel looking down

A light for those who knew him

His memory will never fade from our hearts

A young man who resides with God above

A world full of the hearts he touched below

Today we cry

Tomorrow we mourn

Down the road our paths will meet once more

In remembrance of a young man who we knew from a boy, who’s life was tragically cut short.  Rest In Peace…

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Tears falling to the ground

Tears you have shed all around

Tears you cry in the lonely times

Tears in the sad times too

Over the years so many tears

Times of trouble

Times of strife

Cried for times that you have felt alone

A heart filled with so many tears

Wishing I could hold each of your tears in my hands

Take them into the sunlight

Let the sun shine through them

Exposing the rainbow inside each of your tears.

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