Heart of Sadness


Heart of sadness

Crying inside

Feeling unwanted

Love gone astray

Crushing her soul

Is Love enough

Or will it go away

Drifting apart

Helpless to stop

No longer the one

Does she really want to stay

Trapped by a vow

Head says stay

Heart yearns to be free

What is she to do



9 thoughts on “Heart of Sadness

  1. This is great. I also read M’s post about how things are on the up. I hope that is true today as well. My marriage failed. I was blindsided and there didn’t seem to be any reflection on her part. I was a very happily married man and I was unaware my ex-wife was unhappy. The life I enjoyed was suddenly taken away. I, like you, have taken up blogging to reflect and get the demons out. I’m now processing my grief through the stories I’ve written on my blog. Love and forgiveness are two beautiful things. https://mypostdivorce.com/2017/03/27/the-benefits-of-grief/?iframe=true&theme_preview=true

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    1. Blogging was a way for me to express myself, something I never thougth I could do. My wife and I have worked hard on making things work and we are doing really good. I thought at one time all was good also and wasn’t paying attention to all the signs my wife was putting out until she was ready to leave me. I feel blessed that I got that second chance with her. I look forward to reading your blog as I know now that I need to constantly work at this.

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