A life full of promise

A life wasted away

Full of endless failures

Broken promises strewn along the way

Days and months and years away from home

Missing holidays, birthdays and so many special days

A heart breaks because I have gone a separate way

Chasing a chance that slowly slips away

Not thinking of the destruction I have left in my wake

Failure chases me day after day

Why do I keep going down these lonely trails

Reaching for something, to no avail

Thinking of the future

While throwing away the present

Leaving tears, and a broken heart of the one I love

When will I learn to be content

Instead of living a life barren of




Broken pieces all around

Shards litter the ground

Walking among fragments of a heart, shattered

Trying to mend what was broken apart

Trying to put the puzzle of her heart together again

Piece by piece I try to repair

Praying that they hold tight

I patch, I mend, I try my best

Knowing that much of this I cannot fix

Beyond my control, Beyond my grip

I can only pray to the one who can make a broken heart perfect once more

Lord of all please make full what had been hollow

Replace the damaged pieces of this heart so pure

Make whole the connection of our two hearts again



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