A life full of promise

A life wasted away

Full of endless failures

Broken promises strewn along the way

Days and months and years away from home

Missing holidays, birthdays and so many special days

A heart breaks because I have gone a separate way

Chasing a chance that slowly slips away

Not thinking of the destruction I have left in my wake

Failure chases me day after day

Why do I keep going down these lonely trails

Reaching for something, to no avail

Thinking of the future

While throwing away the present

Leaving tears, and a broken heart of the one I love

When will I learn to be content

Instead of living a life barren of


12 thoughts on “Failure

  1. Poignant and painful! It’s not failure however, to help us believe in something greater than ourselves, to give us heroes to look up to, to have someone in our lives to be proud of. Those things matter too, and they come with a great sacrifice, but they are truly priceless.

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  2. This really makes me sad and it’s the reason I told you I wasn’t going to read it. But I gave in and read it anyway… You’re not a failure, at least I don’t think so. But you do tend to live for tomorrow, often forgetting about today. I love that you always try to reach for the stars. So many people are lazy and don’t do anything with their lives. Unfortunately, you can’t always have everything. You’ve got to pick what’s most important to you and go with it. I do feel like you chose a dream over me most days, and it’s hard for me to cope with that, but I could have very well convinced you not to go and I didn’t. So I’m as much to blame for all the chaos as you are. So please don’t call yourself a failure, I don’t want you to feel like that. I realize you’re just trying to do your best to give us the best possible future. Somebody’s got to go and do the hard things once and awhile, otherwise where would the rest of us even be? I love that you honor our country in that way, It’s beyond what most people would even consider. Just try to focus on each day as it comes and don’t look too far ahead. Our lives will turn out the way God intends, that’s the way it’s always been and the way it will always be. ❤️

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  3. Just judge to focal point on each daylight as it comes and get into’t looking at too far ahead. But I gave in and say it anyway… You’re not a failure, at least I get into’t imagine so.


  4. Soldier, so glad to see you on a like today. I looked you up in my manage folders last night because I became aware I was missing you. Saw you last wrote in January. Knowing your life at this point though made me wonder whether you were into a very busy schedule, or if you were discouraged with the blogging. I’m glad to see you. I do see M often. I care for your lives and loves.and how you represent many in our defense. Thanks.


    1. Just been busy working 12-14 hour days 7 days a week. Been in the middle of the desert. Going to get started back up once I get back. I appreciate everything the thoughts and prayers.


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