Today is what I where I want to be each day with you

Tomorrow is where I imagine what our future will become

Forever is the time that I want to spend with you by my side

Today, Tomorrow, Forever

This is where our hearts intertwine and our souls have become one

In your arms is where I am meant to be

Feeling the fire when we touch

The desire we feel when we kiss

Today, Tomorrow, Forever

I will always be by your side

In good times and bad

You are my rock and my all

Today, Tomorrow, Forever

For the love of my life…

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You Are

You are my past

Without you I wouldn’t last

You are my yesterday

Caught within your arms is a place I would love to stay

You are my today

My love for you will never go away

You are my tomorrow

Time apart brings upon sorrow

You are my future

Our dreams of then will be beyond super

You are my forever

Two hearts made into one is our endeavor

Never Going Back

heart-583895_960_720Before I would sit around and kill my mind in worthless pursuits

Before I would sit in silence and let the quiet of life engulf me

Before I would let you wonder how I really felt

Before I would push you away and never get close

Before I let the wall grow high

Before I let your heart escape and go astray

I tell you now and forever

I am never going back

Today I find my mind looking to explore

Today I sometimes never shut up

Today I tell you everyday what you mean to me

Today I pull you closer when you want to push me away

Today I build a path for us to walk on together

Today I pursue your heart and seek to win it back in the worst way

Today I tell you I am a new man

My heart of stone has gone away

A heart of flesh is what is left

My love for you is here to stay